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1988 - Present 
Music has always helped to keep me sane - many of these songs were done as I was exploring new techniques of recording and playing. The first recordings are from the late 1980's, the newest from 2020. Many of my recordings have ended up as soundtrack elements in films I have made. Here is a small selection of Covers, Collaborations, Soundtrack Music and other Songs.

A special nod to my high school buddy Casey Lindstrom, who gave me the one guitar lesson I had in life. I believe he told me to always tune up before practicing. A lesson to remember!

Some of the older music was recorded using analog equipment, then I found a series of digital solutions. Anything less than 15 years old was recorded and mixed using Pro Tools. I work really hard to make High Resolution Masters so the way this website treats the uploads by crushing them into low resolution mp3 quality is more than frustrating.  Please Wix, upgrade your audio!

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A new collection of music and songs from 1989 to 2020. Recorded in New York City and various places in Vermont. 

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A selection from songs by the Ramones, the Kinks, Alice Cooper. And texts by Antonin Artaud and Samuel Beckett.

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The KKK took my Baby Away

Length: 2:30   2005

"The KKK Took My Baby Away" is performed and produced by Thomas W. Campbell. The song was written and originally performed by The Ramones on their 1981 album "Pleasant Dreams".  Joey Ramone said he wrote it about guitarist Johnny Ramone, who stole his girl and married her. The song was performed, recorded and mixed in the late summer/fall of 2005 - entirely on West 109th Street in New York City.

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The Lost Ones

Length: 4:20    1998

I have always loved the strange and remarkable austerity of Samuel Beckett. This song adapts text from his short novel The Lost Ones, a brilliant story about people trapped in a darkened cylinder, attempting to live. That is the 1966 Fender Jaguar at work.

This song will be available in the future.

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Artaud Gala

Length 2:59   1990

One of my earliest analog multi-track recordings, most likely with four track cassette, sometime around 1988. The lyrics are a poem by Antonin Artaud adapted to music, In 2002 I went back to the masters and did a bit of digital cleaning, I think replacing some of the drum hits and doing a bit of eq/noise reduction of the original 4 track recording.

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A selection of collaborations, music and performance with Dan Ransom, Neal Keating, Andre Degas, and others.

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Length: 6:10    2010

A great Kinks song that I first heard performed by Elvis Costello. Dan Ransom is a real Kinks fan and has turned me on to a lot of great music by them. This remains my favorite, with very cool vocals by Dan.

This song will be available in the future.

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The Prison of Time

Length:  5:25   1991

A Collaboration with Neal Keating - who played most of the guitars. I played bass and we both wrote lyrics, sang and had a good time. The title was Neal's great idea (concept)(TM).

This song will be available in the future.

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House of the Rising Sun

length: 5:00     2005

Traditional song - Music performed and mixed by Thomas W. Campbell. All voices by Daniel Ransom. Recorded and mixed in the summer of 2005 on West 109th Street in Manhattan. All guitars Fender Jaguar.

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Songs (with voice)

Including covers and original songs.

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On a Country Road (Somewhere in Vermont)

Length: 6:30    2020

Recorded and Written in Perkinsville Vermont in October, 2020.

On a Country Road (Somewhere in Vermont)


Magnatone Guitar and Bass  (California,1965/66)


Live open Mic Recordings


Additional Editing and Mixing in NYC

Music, Lyrics and Performance by Thomas W. Campbell

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The Covid 19 Blues

Length: 3:50     2020

People ask what I do with the guitars that I pick up once in a while. I do play them, as well as fix them up and keep them around the apartment like little friends (Jealous cat!) This song was made in March not long after things took the turn, but before they fell off the cliff. I don't remember if it was a song or the words came first. The rhythm is a 1967 Goya Rangemaster, there is also a bit of Fender Jaguar and two cool basses as well.

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Length:  4:23   1989

"Cash" is Brecht/Reed inspiration and was also a conscious attempt to find a way to make acoustic and electric guitar sound good together.

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The Junkyard Procession

Length: 9:30     1991

"The Junkyard Procession" is alternately titled "The Dump". It tells the tale of an Odyssean journey across Manhattan by a person who falls into one strange incident after another, finally ending up in the commercial Junkyard Mecca of it's time - Canal Street.

This song will be available in the future.

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Avenue of Broken Dreams

Length:  4:50   2004

This is a dark but (possibly) hopeful song about feeling alone and walking those cold but alluring avenues of New York.

This song will be available in the future.

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Guitar Instrumentals

Soundtrack music to films yet to be created (and some that have been).

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The Eclectic Stairway

Length: 12:47   2017

Guitar composition in three parts by Thomas W Campbell. Performed and recorded on West 109th street, NYC, fall and winter of 2016 and mixed on Pro Tools in January, 2017. This is the very extended Version of the song.

Mix 8.67, January 10, 2017 version

This song will be available in the future.

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Ghosts walk among us

Length: 2:14    2003

This recording was made around Christmas, 2003. It was part of a time lapse video I made of people coming up from the subway on the North West corner of 110th street and Broadway. It is a pretty lean composition of drums and guitar and is part of the soundtrack of The Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio.

This song will be available in the future.

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Bloomingdale Day Parade

Length: 3:27    2004

Bloomingdale Day Parade was first recorded in 2004 and remixed in Pro Tools in 2011. It is about as jazzy as I will ever be and has appeared in a number of my films, including Westside Demise and The Motorcycle Art of Linus Coraggio. Guitar, Bass and Drum.

You can play this song in the album above.