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McKenzie from West of Center (2002)


A selection of the short films I've made over the years.

Rooftop Serenade is available for screening at this time.

Rooftop Serenade is about the infinite possibilities that life offers when two people meet under circumstances that allow for individual expression. Life can change in a matter of moments, for the good, if we allow ourselves to act from the heart.


Rooftop Serenade was originally shot on black and white 16MM film in 2004 and was transferred, edited and remastered to Pro Res HQ in 2015. It was written, shot and directed by Thomas W. Campbell and stars Gretchen MacLane and George Vlachos, veteran actors in television and theater in New York City. Holly Leavy provided voiceover and film assistance. Thomas W. Campbell provided voiceover and the guitar score.

TRT: 2:44

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped

Animation by Thomas W. Campbell

Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is available for screening at this time.

In the city we travel underground every day to get to work - and to get to many other places. So many people pass each other, with barely a notice. Sometimes our reserve is broken and we manage to connect with others. Under the City the Blue Bag Dropped is the story of one such encounter.

TRT: 2:59

Written, Produced and Edited by Thomas W. Campbell

Better Love 

A New York City comedy about surveillance, and suspicion.

The film is available for screening at this time.

Better Love is a New York City comedy about surveillance, suspicion, and knowing (or not knowing) what one wants in a relationship. Madeline has been screwed in past relationships so is determined to help other women - it’s a business, and she expects to turn a profit. With a right hand girl to handle the tech side side of marital surveillance (and a client named Stephanie who is confused just enough to follow along with her plan), things seem to be falling into place. Madeline sets up a series of tests in Central Park for Stephanie’s husband, who encounters scenarios designed to test his character and faithfulness. But the best strategical plans are no match for the chaos of the city and Madeline soon learns that being a cyber-sleuth is more complicated and dangerous that she could ever have imagined.


The story brings together many potentially dangerous and troubling ideas - a jealous wife, cutting edge technology, private investigation, eavesdropping/spying, crime and maybe punishment. The comedy comes from seeing how far characters will go to get what they may (or may not) want, the joy of dialogue and performance, the way that love can creep into work (or vise versa). 


Thomas W. Campbell moved to New York from Vermont in the 1980's and still dreams of the Green Mountains. New York actor Jay Frisch is from Rutland, Vermont and often returns with his wife and son.


TRT: 18:52

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